Balancing The 4 Quadrants Of Life E-book


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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Physical Wellness

Chapter 2: Emotional Wellness

Chapter 3: Spiritual Wellness

Chapter 4: Mind Wellness

Chapter 5: How Are You Spending Your Time

Chapter 6: Steps To Getting Into A Flow

Chapter 7: Ease The Stress

Chapter 8: Stay On Track

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 7: Ease The Stress


If you are still feeling stressed out and swamped, here are three easy steps to discharge your overload and cut down the anxiousness you feel in your life.


Ditch It

Do a mental ditch. Get everything that you believe you ought to, wish and have to do, out of your brain and into something else: a sheet of paper or a text file in your computer. Write all of it out.

Shove It

If we had our way, we would accomplish everything on our lists. But if you are already suffering from overburden chances are you don’t have adequate time to accomplish everything you wish. Considering the list, what do you wish to keep there and what do you wish to get rid of?

Sort it out into two lists: Actionable for those you wish to hold on to and follow up on, and someday/perhaps for those you do not. And then, be as choosy as you are able to. Which are the high-leverage, crucial and worthwhile undertakings you wish to keep in your life?

Do It

Considering the actionable list, which are the most crucial and worthwhile tasks to follow up on in the coming week? Schedule them in and make them tangible.

Ditch, Shove and Do It.

Getting incomplete commitments out of your brain and onto a list, which you then sort and then follow up on and this will help you let go of unneeded worries and relieve the tension in your life.

But surely, you may ask yourself, it works, I’m feeling better already, but how may I keep my life on track like this day in and day out rather than making it simply a one-time deal? The answer is simple, but not always easy, and I’ll explain it in my next chapter.

Chapter 8:

Stay On Track


We discovered a way to find out if the matters we spend our time on are truly that pressing and crucial. We discovered how you may utilize that understanding to formulate clear and crucial goals for yourself, so you would always know you are doing what you may best be doing. We discovered how ditching it, shoving it and doing it may help you discharge your overburden and reduce the anxiousness you feel in your life. But how to you stay the course?

Stay On Track

It may be really tension -relieving to clear your head, and motivating to arrange significant goals for your roles. However how do you make certain you live in the flow perpetually, rather than having it be simply a different productivity tool that doesn’t last?

Here are two techniques; they are simple, but not all of the time easy.

Review Daily

Keep your goals and daily activities in a place where you are able to see them on a daily basis. I keep them in my cellular phone and on my personal computer desktop.

In addition to that, keep your steps easy and actionable. The difference between ‘bring in more cash’ and ‘glance through the classifieds for new possibilities’ is that one is accomplishable.

Review Weekly

Each week, do a critical review of your roles and goals – are they still the most crucial or have your priorities switched? If you feel like you have a lot weighing on your brain, ditch, shove and do it.

These two steps are simple, but not always easy, as they call for consistent action. The only tangible peace of mind is in recognizing that day-to-day, you are taking steps toward what’s crucial to you, and that takes a steady review of where you are and where you wish to go.


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