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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Making A Decision Basics
Chapter 2: Nail Down The Problem
Chapter 3: Identify And Evaluate Alternatives
Chapter 4: Gather Data On Your Selections
Chapter 5: Use Common Sense And How You Feel
Chapter 6: Implement Your Decision
Wrapping Up

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Decision making is a huge part of the daily functional life of any individual, thus learning how to effective make decisions are worth exploring. Though the experience of making decisions can be somewhat paralyzing at times it can also be fairly easy once the art is learnt and practiced regularly. This book will get you on your way.

Decide To Decide

Guide To Arriving At A Decision

Chapter 1: Making A Decision Basics


Perhaps some elements to explore first, should be the things to avoid or identify as negative when trying to effectively make a decision. Wanting too much certainly or a high level of positive elements to be apparent before acting on the decision making will eventually cause the individual to stall and even avoid the decision process altogether.

The Basics

Perfectionist types often fall into this category and this causes serious problems especially with regard to making business decisions. Making decision under emotional or whimsical mindset is also something to be avoided as the thought process at this point is often unclear and prejudicial.

Another folly is the need to have lots of edification before making the decision. Some people are simply reluctant to decide on anything without the consensus of the masses.

Most wise people learn from their mistakes and exercise better judgments when making decision the next time round and this is a very valuable lesson to learn instead of continuously making the same mistakes.


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