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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Phases Of Recovery
Chapter 2:
Errors And Correct Choices In Early-On Recovery
Chapter 3:
Seek Your Path
Chapter 4:
You Must Take Action
Chapter 5:
What’s Next

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Everybody makes errors in early on recovery. Some make quite a few, but luckily some don’t make so many that they relapse. Some are fortunate enough to remain clean and sober, while a lot of others end up screwing up.

It may be helpful for individuals if they know what sort of errors can be made early on. If you are able to prevent these, your recovery will be firmer for it.

Don’t wait too long to begin assisting other addicts, and this is truly the foundation of strong recovery. If you’re reaching out to other people in recovery on a steady basis, then it will be really difficult for you to relapse. It isn’t likely that you’ll do so if you’re involved with helping other people.

Don’t overly believe that the answers were out there and go on a spiritual quest for ultimate knowledge. You can get led astray for a long time and believe that the whole point of recovery is to go through a spiritual conversion of some type. This is really not the case-the aim of recovery is to begin living a real life once more, a meaningful life filled up with passion and purpose. If you are able to manage that, this equals a spiritual experience. This present of freedom, can be right under your nose the entire time.

Don’t stay stuck in the fundamentals for too long. Don’t get isolated in your little recovery world, and I wish to simply go to meetings daily and center on your recovery. You can really hold yourself back from exploring life out of fear. Recovery is life. Don’t mix up recovery support strategies with your real life (although there might be a lot of overlap in the early on stages, which is all right).

Don’t trust that a program may allow you to recover from addiction, when as a matter of fact there can be addicts relapsing all around you. You see recovery is an inner job….you have to discover your own path or you’re not going to pull through. Traditional recovery platforms may only take you so far.

Correct choices:

Remaining clean and sober doesn’t occur by accident for an addict. Early on in recovery you have the opportunity to make some vital decisions and you can make a whole bunch of great ones. If you don’t make these choices correctly you won’t stay clean and sober for as long as you would like. What are these things? Let’s have a look:

1) Think about rehab – not everybody chooses rehab, and several will obstinately avoid the idea on the whole,
Taking a firm stand that they may do it on their own. Many can’t. We require help in order to recover.

2) Follow through with proper aftercare. Treatment centers usually advise this. If you become willing to take their advice and attend long term treatment it can be was the best decision you ever make it and it may set you up for success in recovery.

Long term treatment might sound like a death sentence. It is nothing of the sort. It’s an amazing opportunity and I highly advocate it. You may think it’s like imprisonment, and that you’ll lose my freedom if you checked into long term rehab. Rather, you can gain back the entire world, and truly become free as they can teach me a fresh way to live.

3) shift from a dependence on group therapy toward a life of holistic maturation – what does that imply? It implies that you decide to begin looking beyond meetings and peer groups and researching a new way to recover.

Rather than attending meetings daily and discussing struggles in life, shift your focus to one of personal growth. You can become more goal oriented and start challenging yourself to accomplish new things.


It’s crucial to discover your own unique course in recovery. What does this imply?

It implies that if you merely try to follow a recovery plan without taking possession of it and making it into your own then you’re setting yourself up to fail. This implies that you have to become active in the way you plan your own life. If somebody tells you to go to 12 step meetings and you merely abide by what they tell you then there’s no long-run success in that. You may remain clean and sober awhile but unless you begin choosing deliberate action in order to drive yourself towards growth in recovery then you’re not going to remain clean.

What’s Right For You

Now realize that this may mean a number of things. For instance, it may mean that you’ll make 12 step meetings a huge part of your recovery and you may quest after the meetings and the companionship that comes along with the meetings as an avenue of maturation in your life. This is all right if this is your decided path.

I’ve one friend who’s made this his charge in recovery and it’s serving him rather well. He sponsors many individuals and yet attends a meeting almost daily. This is his path and he’s living it to the fullest, attempting to supply addiction help to other people. But realize that he selected this path consciously after having had it proposed to him. Put differently, he did it as a suggestion initially, but over time he possessed it as his own way of growth. He made it into his own calculated way of recovery.

There are others who are trying to work a plan of recovery but they’re not thinking for themselves or acting in their lives based on passion or intent for living. They’re like robots that go to meetings and utilize it as a sick sort of group therapy. They sound off and whine about their lives and utilize it as a sick tool to acquire a little relief in their life. They do this merely enough so that they don’t wind up relapsing. This is no way to cultivate a recovery.

The option to this commonplace existence is to discover that in recovery which brings in passion. Discover your purpose. If you can’t discover it, then begin by attempting to help other people in recovery. If you are able to accomplish this consistently and make it into a habit then you’ll likely discover your stride in recovery and great things will begin happening for you.

Almost all traditional recovery is comprised of group therapy.

Now those who are to a great extent involved with the 12 step programs will announce that AA and NA meetings are not group therapy. They identify a difference between the meetings and group therapy, stating that in meetings, they “share their experience, power, and hope with one another.” They say that this makes a 12 step meeting immensely unlike group therapy. Actually, they’re not so different. From a wide perspective, 12 step encounters are one sort of group therapy.

Now this isn’t to say that 12 step encounters are not helpful, or that you ought to desert them completely. But for true addiction assistance in your life, you have to look on the far side of group therapy and discover additional means by which you can drive yourself to grow as an individual.

Think about the fact that a lot of individuals who begin attending 12 step meetings sooner or later relapse. As a matter of fact, if you really consider the numbers, the huge majority of those who go to 12 step meetings will relapse. Even the released numbers from AA’s 10 year census data demonstrates that long-run success rates can’t possibly be better than five percent.

This isn’t stated to discourage anybody, but simply to point out the restrictions of group therapy as a recovery technique. A 12 step society makes a fantabulous support system for early on recovery, but doesn’t inevitably supply the best motivation for long-run, personal maturation in recovery.

I’ve seen so many individuals relapse while attempting to stick to the 12 step plan. I’ve witnessed other people who have branched out from the rigorous dogma of 12 step wisdom and discovered success through additional means in their lives. This isn’t to state that you have to stop attending meetings. What I’m saying is that you may wish to quit depending upon meetings, as that’s really a weakness that isn’t necessary for you to hang on to in long-run recovery.

The freedom that you acquire from specifying your own creative life in recovery is amazing. It isn’t so much that you are free from 12 step plans, but that you’re free to live your life how you’ve purposefully made it in recovery, no matter whether or not that includes involvement in the fellowship.

I’m not knocking the 12 step plans here. They’re potent and helpful and you ought to utilize them and participate if that’s your calling. Simply recognize that there are limits involved with maturing in those plans, particularly when you’re centering on long-run, holistic growth.


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