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A Big Welcome To You 4
Hair Dyes 4
So what are the side effects of using hair dye? 4
Chemicals to look out for 4
Cleaning Products 4
Toothpaste 4
Cosmetics 4
Perfumes 4
Conclusion 4

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Welcome to Email Marketing Blueprint and in this course I will be showing you how to craft profit-pulling emails from every email marketing campaign you put out there. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a time sensitive promotion blast or you want to set your sequential autoresponder to dispense emails on a fixed interval, I will be showing you how to ace your email marketing in the following areas:

• How to boost your email open rates so you have more people in your mailing list opening your emails instead of discarding it to the trash bin

• How to boost your click through rates after they open and read your email

• And of course, how to get passive income and leads from your automated email marketing campaigns!

As an online marketer you have to understand that list building and email marketing are very much hand in hand. Building an opt-in mailing list just isn’t enough; you need to cultivate a relationship

Truth of the matter is: email marketing isn’t really hard once you know the game inside out. After testing 9.2 million promotion emails blasted out in the last 12 months, I had arrived at more conclusive results which I am indeed very excited to share with you! While the nature of the subscribers are in the wealth creation / make money industry, you will find that the principles are in common with almost any other rabid niches.


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