How To Believe In Yourself And Gain Mastery E-book


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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
You Are You – Being Realistic about Yourself
Chapter 2:
Goals – How They Help Your Self-Belief
Chapter 3:
Appreciate Your Successes
Chapter 4:
It Is Better to Have Tried than Not at All
Chapter 5:
Constantly Improving Your Idea of Self
Chapter 6:
Moving toward Mastery
Chapter 7:
The 4 Vital Ingredients for Achieving Mastery
Chapter 8:
Mobilizing Your Strengths, Improving Your Weaknesses
Chapter 9:
Avoiding Stress and Keeping Focus
Chapter 10:
Awareness of Self Is Attaining of Mastery

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Goals – How They Help Your Self-Belief

Goals are a very important aspect of our life. We are rationally thinking creatures; we don’t live by instinct. That is the reason we need goals that can help us take from one point to another in our lives. When we are at school, our goals could be to achieve a particular grade; when we are in college, our goal might be to score a particular mark to get admission in a certain professional course; when we are able to work, our goal could be to get into a particular organization and so on. We are always setting goals for ourselves, and trying to reach them.

If you aren’t establishing goals already, you are leading an unplanned life. Your life lacks direction. You aren’t living; you are merely existing. You are merely taking life as it comes.

However, a person who has goals in life has one very important benefit. They come to know what they are really worth. If you have set a particular goal for yourself and you achieve it, you know you are capable of that. This makes you surer about yourself. You know now that this was something you could do and you did. This is not just something on your résumé; it is something that is etched into your life – it has become a part of yourself. And it will reinforce the belief you have in yourself.

Consider this. You set a goal to earn a hundred thousand in the first three months of your business. When you are setting the goal, you are only shooting in the dark, whatever the factors that influence your goal-setting might be. But then you really strike this achievement. Now, you know that wasn’t shooting in the dark. You know you are capable of such a thing. It has made you believe in yourself and you can go and plan bigger things.

This is what goals do. They concretize something that’s just a hazy picture, a vague idea. Goal achievement makes you realize your strengths and helps your belief in an enormous way.


Don’t just move on from one point to another like a frog does. Take time to smell the roses at each point.

Appreciate Your Successes

When you are moving on your path of progress, you will have hits as well as misses. There will be things you will do better that you expected and there will be things that you will flounder at. Now, it is very important that you understand what you achieve. It is very important that you realize where you have succeeded and you appreciate it because this is what will propel you forward.

When you achieve something, however trivial it might be, make sure to take some time out and celebrate it. It does not need to be a huge celebration, but you must do something to underline the fact that you achieved something. You might just want to hang out with your friends and party or maybe take a break and go on a holiday that has been long overdue. But, celebrating is must.

Why is that so important? For one, when you are celebrating something, you are creating a memory. You will remember the success better because you partied after that. You will etch it into your subconscious and conscious mind. And when you remember your success in a better way, you will remember that you were capable of achieving that. This success gets written in indelible ink in your list of accomplishments – it adds to your self-belief.

But if you don’t party and let the achievement pass you by without a whimper, you are likely to forget about it soon. It won’t amount to much either because there’s no happy association that you have created for it.

It is highly important to involve people in your celebrations. People around us reinforce our feelings. If you party with friends or family, these people understand the magnitude of your accomplishment too. Chances are that their zest and zeal for celebrating your success will rub off on you and make it linger. There will also be a lot of talk about your achievement and many of these things will remain with you forever.

If you are making a practical belief about yourself, that belief should not exaggerate your weaknesses nor should it downplay your achievements. For that reason, it becomes very important for you to be happy and make others happy with your achievements.


Trying puts things into better perspective. Not trying doesn’t help in giving you a true picture of yourself.

It Is Better to Have Tried than Not at All

Apprehensions can take a severe toll on our life, and the worst part is that we are an inherently apprehensive species. Even if it is about buying something at the mall, we think a dozen times whether it will be a good buy or not. We do the same kind of thinking in everything that we do. Even when we have to try something new, we become apprehensive. In most cases, we let our apprehensions rule us and then we don’t try that particular thing at all.

A lot of people lose out on life because they do not try. They don’t try because of various prejudices and complexes. They might feel that they are not up to doing something, but this could be a view of others and not of themselves. But if you have the right belief in yourself, you will know what you are capable of, and you will not flinch from trying things.

Think of a person who knows that he can do well in a particular racing competition. He hasn’t raced before, and so there will be several people to say that he is wasting his time. Most of us, if we were in his place, would take such criticism and think that we really cannot achieve that, and we don’t even make the attempt.

But suppose this person has belief in himself. He knows that he is capable of doing it, even though he hasn’t showed the world so far that he can do that particular thing. So he surges on. He puts in a great deal of practice. He is motivated by himself, and that’s the best motivation you could have. Whether he wins or loses is another matter entirely. What is important is that he tried.

The crux of all this is, don’t take other people’s criticisms blindly. They don’t know you. They don’t understand what you feel. You are the only person who knows you. You father doesn’t, your mother doesn’t, your teacher doesn’t, your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t, your spouse doesn’t, your employer doesn’t. It is only you who has your self-worth and within the realms of this, you can make your decisions and possibly even succeed.


You change. You aren’t what you were ten years ago. Hence, your idea of self must also change.

Constantly Improving Your Idea of Self

Just as nothing in the world remains the same, your belief in yourself shouldn’t remain the same either. It has to keep evolving.

You don’t remain static at any phase in life. You keep learning new things, gaining more experiences, broadening your perspectives of life, meeting new people and so on. Your capabilities are constantly increasing. It is not just about the academic and professional qualifications that you gain. It is about everything in life that you do. Whatever you do, you are adding it to your repertoire of capabilities. You are reaching new pinnacles of success and even if you are failing in things, you are stretching your own limits each time.

That is why you need to always keep evolving your belief in yourself. If you were able to do a particular thing a few years back, there are all chances that you can do that same thing better today. If when you started with your job, you could meet a deadline with a piece of work within three days, probably with all the efficiency you have gained by now, you can do the job within one day. You have to realize that your capabilities are constantly changing and so should your belief in yourself about achieving things.

Take the example of a guitar player. When he must have started, he must have used a very elementary four string guitar. At that stage, he might not have thought he could master even that. But just about a month of diligent practice later, he could be ready for a five string or even a six string guitar. Maybe when he looks back now, he will even laugh at himself at how he used to think that a four string could be so difficult.

We are like that. Our belief in ourselves is subject to time and our own experience. As our life progresses, we learn new things and hence our belief in ourselves should become stronger as well.

Having a practical view of yourself is very important. But it is also very important to know that you are becoming better all the time. So, let your practical view of yourself be dynamic.


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