How To Love Your Job E-book


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Table Of Contents

Take this Job and… 3
Assess this Mess 4
Money, Money, Money 6
Boooooring 7
Jeez She Sure is Rude 9
The Boss Really is an Idiot 11
Busy Bee 13
Conclusion 15

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Take This Job and…

So, you hate your job and you are looking for strategies to survive. Or maybe, you don’t really hate your job; it’s just that you frequently find your mind wandering at times—like every minute of the day. Maybe you are at your wits’ end. How will you get through another week without losing your mind?

Hey, don’t feel bad, most people are in the same boat; studies show that very few people just love their jobs. So what do you do now; are you stuck being bored and unhappy at work every day for the rest of your life? It’s possible, but all is not lost. Let’s discuss a few strategies for successfully living through the employment blues.

Not all of these strategies will work for you. Every job is different and every employee has different reasons for not getting the most out of their job. Face it, some jobs really are awful, and some employers really are as grasping, selfish, and slack-witted as those bosses in the Sunday funny papers. So make sure that you try the methods that you feel most comfortable with, and remember that a convenience clerk might have a few options that a police officer might not. In other words, your mileage may vary.


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