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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
What is Internet Marketing and Who Can Do It?
Chapter 2:
Concepts of Web Traffic – Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do Without It
Chapter 3:
Monetizing the Traffic
Chapter 4:
Concepts of Ecommerce
Chapter 5:
Blogging for Building Internet Marketing Traffic
Chapter 6:
Article Submissions to Bring in Internet Marketing Traffic
Chapter 7:
Internet Marketing and Social Networking
Chapter 8:
Making Your Internet Marketing a Full-Fledged Home Business
Chapter 9:
Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing
Chapter 10:
Some Useful Terms in Internet Marketing

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Concepts of Web Traffic – Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do without It

One of the most important terms that you will repeatedly come across when you are dealing with Internet marketing is ‘traffic’. Basically it means the number of visitors that arrive at a particular site. When a website says that it has traffic of a million per month, then it means that a million people visit that particular website each month.

But then there are some things that you should understand as an Internet marketer. We consider some of these aspects here:-

1. Traffic, per se, is not useful to the Internet marketer. It is the unique traffic that counts. You might have traffic of a hundred thousand, but if 90% of them are your regular visitors, then you haven’t gained anything new. In that case, your meaningful traffic that spells your progress is just the 10% of new people that you have obtained.

2. Again, the people that click on your website link are hardly of any use to you. For making your business a success, you need these people to take some specific action. You need them to download an eBook, subscribe on your website or pay and buy a product, etc. Simple surfers don’t do much for your website.

Hot and Cold Traffic

The concept of hot and cold traffic will soon become very important to you. Simply put, people who just arrive on your website and go away doing nothing are cold traffic. It is on no use to you. On the other hand, the people who come on your website and take some action that you want them to take constitute hot traffic. Needless to say, it is hot traffic that you should be striving for.

The cold traffic is that which you have achieved from simple untargeted methods such as Google searches. These people have probably got your website when they were looking for a particular keyword on Google. They did not have any inclination to visit your website particularly, it just turned up. They visited your website without any expectation. You should not expect them to take any action either. The conversion rate of these people is very low.

Hot traffic comes on your website through some targeted methods. They might have arrived because of some of your efforts such as blogging or article marketing, which we shall discuss later. Naturally, these are the people who mean the most for you in terms of business prospects. They come to your website with some expectation, so you can hope for some business from them too.


In Internet marketing, bringing in the traffic to your website is just one part the story. The main thing is to monetize this traffic.

Monetizing the Traffic

Traffic is important, and we shall see methods in which you can bring in the traffic to your website, but what are the basic things you will need to begin monetizing this traffic? Monetizing means converting your traffic into money. You have to make some efforts not just in bringing in people to your website, but you have to also make sure that you make money off these people. Here we see what it takes.

Making the Preparations

You need to have a website. That’s an absolute must. This is nothing short of an office space. It could be your virtual corporate office. This is what people who don’t know you will see and build an impression about yourself. One of your primary needs is a good website. Of course, there are tons of ways in which you can make money from your online endeavors without a website, but if you have a good website, it will be a completely different story.

If you feel you don’t want a website just as yet, you could at least have a blog. Today, blogs are being considered increasingly better than websites because they are interactive. You can keep in constant touch with your audience through the blog. The best part is that blogs are free. Using tools such as Blogger (, you can build your own blog within a matter of minutes and have it up and running. If you don’t want a free blog (the only reason you might not want one is that you will have to contend with their ads on your blog), then you could go for a WordPress ( blog, which is paid but is ad-free.

Remember that it is not just about bringing people to your site or blog. You have to hook their interest so that they are coerced into taking the action you expect of them. Hence, attractiveness is an important point. But it is also very important to impress them with meaningful content.

The Actual Monetizing Process

To actually start making money what you need is an ecommerce solution. If you have a product that you are selling, having a shopping cart on your site is a great addition. The shopping cart retains the purchase of the customer as long as the money is paid and keeps account. Since payments would be through credit cards, shopping carts also have encryption.

But if you are using a different route for monetizing income, such as you are allowing them to download an eBook as their purchase, then you need to allow them an option such as PayPal ( payment or wire transfer for collecting your funds.

Note that monetizing does not just mean collecting the money, but it also means the whole process. If you are trying to interest your customers in an opportunity today so that they might become customers tomorrow, that is monetization too. We shall see how you can use landing pages and lead capture pages (also known as squeeze pages) to make this happen.

Building Residual Income

For any Internet marketer, the best thing that could happen is the start of a residual income opportunity. This happens when the marketer has a business set up that keeps paying even though he or she is not putting any active efforts in it. This is much like the royalties that are earned on a novel that is once written and published. There are some ways in which such residual income opportunities can be created on the Internet.

One of these ways is to have an eBook on a popular blog page or web page which people will keep downloading and paying for. This is a residual stream of income. If your eBook is good, people will talk about it and more people will keep purchasing it. This is what is known as viral marketing. Even if you don’t feel like working for a while, your residual income streams should be good enough to tide you over for a while.


You will need ecommerce in every step of the way when you are marketing on the Internet. Here is what you need to know when you make a start.

Concepts of Ecommerce You Will Need

Ecommerce is an umbrella term used to describe all the transactions that take place on the Internet. In the Internet marketing scenario, this is definitely a very useful term. The buying and selling routes that you will have to set up on your commercial website will need to be done through an ecommerce solution. This is actually a software program that can provide you various features according to your needs.

In order to have an ecommerce solution on your website, you will need to hire a suitable ecommerce hosting service. These ecommerce hosting services handle various tasks right from building the ecommerce website to helping with the credit card processing, providing payment gateway integration services and adding shopping carts to the website.

The following are the top 10 ecommerce hosting sites in the world today:-
Go EMerchant (
3DCart (
Volusion (
Core Commerce (
Yahoo Merchant (
ProStores (
Network Solutions (
GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart (
PrecisionWeb (
Fortune3 (

Your ecommerce solution is not just for the convenience that it provides. There are many other things it involves, which are crucial to your business.

The first important thing is the shopping cart feature. This is where any member of your website can add the products they are interested in. Shopping carts can “hold” various products till the person makes the payment. Thus, if a person wants to check out your entire product range before making the purchase, you don’t have to worry that they will forget to buy the first ones they saw.

Also, the encryption is a very important thing. Since people will be using their credit cards here, it is the responsibility of the site developer to make sure that their identities are not ripped off. Most ecommerce sites use 128 bit SSL protection, though some ecommerce solutions could provide a much higher value of encryption.


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