Interview Profits E-book


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Table Of Contents

Introduction- 4
Finding an expert to interview- 7
Prepare your questions- 13
Doing the interview -15
Editing the interview- 17
Adding value to your product- 19
Traffic generation -21
Conclusion -23

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If you’re serious about your internet marketing business then you need to create and sell your own products.

Affiliate marketing is great (and you can make a lot of money from it) but the real money generally starts to come on when you create and then sell your own products.

Why is this?

Well it’s pretty easy to understand when you think about it. As an affiliate marketer you have to work hard for every sale – whether that’s promoting the product to your list, setting up a product review blog, promoting through social media, etc.

The product owner on the other hand doesn’t have to do anything – the affiliates are generating the sales for him or her.

As a product owner, affiliates effectively become your sales force, while you sit there and count the profits.


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