Opening The Tear Ducts E-book


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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Vulnerability Basics

Chapter 2: Sharing Your Feelings Techniques

Chapter 3: Change Your Thinking About Vulnerability

Chapter 4: Decide Who You Can Be Vulnerable With

Chapter 5: The Benefits Of Vulnerability

Chapter 6: How Being Too Closed Off Can Damage Relationships

Wrapping Up

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Everything and everyone is susceptible to vulnerability at one time of another, be it at different stages and degrees. Thus it is important to understand the basics of vulnerability. Often described as the susceptibility of an individual, group, society or system to emotional or physical changes made either indirectly or directly impacting the fore mentioned.

Opening The Tear Ducts

How To Be In Touch With Your Vulnerable Side

Chapter 1: Vulnerability Basics


When a certain situation presents itself the individual, group or system responding to that particular scenario is often dictated by the allowance or manipulation depicted within the relaxing or leeway given towards the outcome.

When this relaxed or unguarded frame is introduced into the scenario, it often contributes to the manipulation, persuasion, temptation or any other factors which eventually produces the vulnerability state. This state of vulnerability opens the focus for censure, criticism and unfounded blaming exercises.


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