Personal Development Quantum Leap Strategy E-book


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Personal Development Basics

Chapter 2:
Have A Critical Look At Yourself

Chapter 3:
Explicitly Define What You Want To Work On

Chapter 4:
Write Out A Personal Development Plan

Chapter 5:
Learn How To Use Imagery To Manifest

Chapter 6:
The Importance Of Believing In Yourself

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Personal Development Basics


Personal development can be undertaken in a variety of ways and making use of a range of tools and teaching techniques. It is possible for a person to work on their own personal development independently of others by using self help books, videos and a range of other materials available. Other individuals could choose to make use of professional personal developers such as counselors or life coaches.

The Basics

At the individual level it includes improving self awareness and self knowledge. Attention is given the ways that can be found to improve wealth and health and lifestyle.

An individual’s personal skills are worked upon to improve the person’s social ability. Improvements in this area as well as the person’s enriching performance in social situations can also improve the individual’s employability. Some individuals choose to focus their spirituality to improve their quality of life.

Beyond self help personal development includes developing other people. This form of personal development may take place through the role of teachers. Education systems are designed to enhance personal development and self growth.

The academic teaching given in institutions runs parallel with the assistance given by teachers to enhance the personal development of their charges.


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