Personal Mastery Methods E-book


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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Have A Truthful Look

Chapter 2: You Have To At Least Try

Chapter 3: 1st Steps To Realizing Your Goals

Chapter 4: Build Your Confidence

Chapter 5: Tell Yourself You Can

Wrapping Up

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Foreword If we formulate limiting beliefs about what it’s possible for us to accomplish, then our response will be to bind the actions we take. As a result we likewise limit the results we get.

If we believe we’re likely to fail, our subconscious will get to work to produce actions which support this. If the going gets tough (and it commonly does), we won’t go the additional mile required to succeed; an initial failure simply supports our notion that we were going to bomb all along and we stop.

On the other hand if we trust we’re going to succeed, then we likely will.

Personal Mastery Methods

Attain True Control By Mastering Yourself!

Chapter 1: Have A Truthful Look


Among the most crucial things you need to do to accomplish any sort of success is to be really truthful about yourself. You have to comprehend who you truly are.

Know Who You Are

Now, if you can’t even run up the block, you can’t begin believing that you are able to win a gold medal in running, can you? Likely you are able to if you practice, but for sure not with what you are now.

This is what is exceedingly crucial to you when you start. You have to comprehend your strengths and your capabilities. Realizing that is a really significant step of believing in yourself.

There are individuals all around you accomplishing something or the other. A few are experts at playing a musical instrument, a few are really brilliant with accounting, and a few are awesome at housework and so on.


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