Positive Habit Attraction Models E-book


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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: The Basics

Chapter 2: Habits and Affection Chapter 3: Habits and Might and Unity

Chapter 4: Habits and Bravery and Being Intelligent

Chapter 5: Some Great Habits To Foster

Wrapping Up

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A basic error individual’s make when searching to alter entrenched habits is presuming that they have to tackle such challenges solely and privately. That merely isn’t truthful. The idea of affection reminds you to capitalize on your power to connect.


Engage the help of other people to dramatically step-up your chances of success. Don’t allow pride to get in the way of outcomes. Extend and ask for help!

It’s a virtual sure thing that others have already piloted the changes you want to make in your life. Rather than painstakingly working out your own resolutions from scratch, capitalize on the collective wisdom of other people. Search for role models who’ve already accomplished what you want, and ask for advice or mentoring. Seek great books on the issue, and employ what you learn from them. Invite help and support from friends and loved ones. Find somebody to tutor you through the procedure of change, even if you have to compensate for their time.

Don’t feel as if you’re imposing on other people by asking them for assistance. They’re always free to state no or to ask for fair exchange of value reciprocally, but frequently they’ll be pleased to help you free of charge.

With simply a couple of moments of effort on their part, others may provide you advice that might save you months of wasted attempts. Most people find it really rewarding to supply basic help when called for, peculiarly if they know you’ll employ their suggestions.

You can take this a step farther by utilizing the might of communion.

Think about joining a group of like-minded individuals who share compatible goals, peculiarly a group that meets at least every week. Learn from other people who are further along the same course you wish to travel. You’ll be engulfed by how supportive and encouraging total strangers may be when you link up with them with such groups.

Strong addictions are seldom overpowered without outside help. Among the best solutions is to discover somebody who’s already overpowered your addiction, and ask them to mentor you through the procedure of stopping. Individuals who’ve successfully made such an alteration know how hard it is and are frequently happy to assist other people through the procedure.

This is the foundation of many organizations like AA, a society of almost 2 million individuals who work together to overpower alcoholism.

In a like vein, ask yourself if there are any miss-mated connections you have to release. Do you have a ring of cynical acquaintances who sound off ceaselessly, encouraging you to take on an equally disempowering mental attitude? Do you like smoke breaks with your colleagues, making it more difficult for you to stop? Is your roommate a total slob, preventing you from becoming more organized? It’s crucial to realize that the ongoing shape of your social circle will frequently be the deciding factor when it comes to habit alteration.

Make a habit of deliberately reaching out and linking up with other people. Break the constrictive pattern of attempting to do everything alone. Link up with a club or attend social events just for the experience of connecting with fresh individuals and enlarging your social network. This habit will profit you in ways you can barely imagine, filling your life with empowering acquaintances you’d never have met otherwise.


Might is possibly the most significant thing when it comes to habit change. In order to alter your habits, you have to center on your desired outcome and maintain a serious effort. The more disciplined you get; the easier it is to alter your habits.

Power and Oneness

Recall that you’re responsible for how your life turns out. Whether your habits make you or break you, you’re the one who has to deal with the long-run consequences. As habits exert power over your outcomes, you have to exert might over your habits.

Don’t attempt to tackle a long standing habit head-on by powering through it. Center your early efforts on making indirect movements. Aspire to place yourself in a superior position. Change the conditions to quit reinforcing your old patterns, and assemble the right scaffolding to support your fresh desired actions.

Early on, you’re merely setting up, but you aren’t attempting to change the habit as yet. Purchase some books about the change you wish to make, invite advice from other people who’ve already made like changes, and see if you can discover somebody to mentor you. Link up a support group if possible. Do whatever you are able to produce the correct conditions for future success.

Next, you’ll apply particular tactics to give yourself an advantage. If you’ve set up the early stages properly, you ought to already know what those maneuvers are.

You might come up with your own tactics, naturally, but you’ll likely learn most of them from others. For instance, if you wish to alter your eating habits and slim down, particular techniques might include measuring food portions, maintaining a food journal, try purchasing extra fruits and veggies, ridding your home of junk food, learning healthy recipes, keeping the TV switched off at mealtimes, discovering a diet buddy, joining a weight-loss group, purchasing a new scale, using pictures of thin individuals to motivate you, avoiding spots where you tend to pig out, charting your progress, etc..

You’ll go through many of these maneuvers beforehand—before you even start your new diet—so that when you’re prepared to begin, you’re already in a superior position.

Lastly, it’s time to go after your target now. If you’ve done the preparation work of the early and middle portions, you’ll be ready for the last thrust.

This is where you put your might to the test. Can you make the wanted change stick? Can you break up the old pattern and apply the new one?

You don’t live in a vacuum. For better or worse, your habits affect the lives of other people. Take a minute to think about the social consequences of your actions. Do your habits help other people line up with reality, affection, and might, or does your behavior lead individuals astray? Your actions have a disciplining effect on others, subtly molding them to adopt like behaviors. This is particularly true of youngsters, who often look to grownups for guidance.

Unity teaches us that we are all role models. As we interact with other people, we teach them how to act, whether we recognize it or not. Our interconnection means that individual habits can’t be thought about in isolation. One individual’s bad habits may produce serious outcomes for other people, and occasionally those outcomes are grave, as in the case of a drunk-driving accident. Therefore, we have to not solely be responsible to ourselves, but likewise to the community in which we live.


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