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Chapter 1: You Are The Pilot Of Your Own Ship

Chapter 2: Understanding Worth

Chapter 3: Strengthen Your Worth

Chapter 4: Attaining Prosperity

Chapter 5: How We View Money

Chapter 6: Prosperity Blueprint

Chapter 7: A Short Look At Mental Power

Chapter 8: Are You Mentally Powerful

Chapter 9: Ways To Acquire Mental Power

Chapter 10: A Last Look At Reclaiming Your Power

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O.K., it’s time for us to learn about how to draw prosperity in to our lives successfully. Here is some information to help you become prosperous easily and effectively.

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Conceive of yourself hanging out with your acquaintances and family. While you’re talking with one another, vocalize your intentions to attain financial freedom for yourself. Now hear your emotions as you envision the reactions of your friends. If you’re most individuals, you’re probably feeling clumsy and withdraw your announcement to become prosperous quickly.

What just took place? This is how most individuals would react but note that the very rich don’t have a problem discussing their wealth building designs and financial aims. Individuals think it’s simple for the rich to talk prosperity as they have the income; not everyone knows they have the income because it’s easy for them to talk and believe success.

What you’re doing is instructing your mind to see yourself as prosperous as you would like to be. The law of attraction will make sure you’ll have what your mind believes you already have. You are able to see this law at work.

Your wealth building plans won’t be a success unless you’re totally comfortable with the concept of money. The heart of the matter is this-if you desire prosperity; your prosperity consciousness must be formulated.

The finest way to do this is by conditioning yourself to think and trust that you’re already rich constantly. Your mind can’t differentiate between reality and mere visualization strategy; consequently it will trigger the law of attraction to pull in the wealth you’re expecting to have.

You can’t produce prosperity by believing or discussing your deficiency of money. Centering on what you lack merely attracts more deficiency. Remember it’s one of the principles of the Laws of Attraction that we need to understand. If we center on what we lack, we only attract more of the same. But, if we center our thoughts and attention on the positive, like being thankful for the things we already have, then we’ll pull in more of what we want. As a matter of fact gratitude is one of the keys to accomplishing true prosperity.

Prosperity means a different thing to different individuals, for some it’s monetary and material things, for other people it’s spiritual and emotional events. Real prosperity comes from accomplishing balance at all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I believe real prosperity is having your inmost needs and desires met at all levels and being able to amply enjoy them. Prosperity is something you go through in your mind and thoughts, it isn’t an extraneous state and it’s therefore rather possible to feel prosperous at any level of income.

Prosperity is an inner experience, not an extraneous state.

Sometimes, as well, Rather than thinking of the money, just close your eyes for a minute and consider the things you most want in your life, on all levels, write them down if you desire. For you, real prosperity would be to have all those things and to be able to amply enjoy them. We need to discover, at our deepest and most realistic level, what we want for ourselves.


“Once money becomes the goal, the dream is left forgotten”

Look At Money Correctly

We often begin trying to receive money to accomplish a desired goal, but as time passes the money becomes the goal and the dream is left forgotten.

Not everybody is fated or even well suited to having vast sums of money, but I do trust everybody deserves to, and can be prosperous. Money empowers us to obtain and do things in our tangible world, but if some of your inmost needs and wants are things that income can’t buy, then no sum of money is going to make you feel prosperous.

As a matter of fact great sums of money often brings unforeseen problems, making life more perplexed, increasing your financial responsibilities and requiring a higher level of financial direction, that you may not want. Did you know that after 2 years, most lottery winners have lost nearly all the money they got, with zero to show for it and are often worse off financially? The trouble with any windfall like this is that it seldom solves any problems.

If you haven’t resolved the negative inner beliefs you hold about money or yourself, then frequently when you receive such a windfall, subconsciously you plainly don’t believe you merit it. And with such a negative belief the subconscious mind gets busy correcting the state of affairs until you have the sum of money you believe you merit.

What are your opinions about money? How did your parents feel about it and what did they teach you? It’s worth taking a minute to really consider this, write matters down if you prefer to. It’s a fact that many of our negative beliefs come from our childhoods and if you got messages like, “Money is truly hard to come by” or “blood, sweat and tears is the only method to get rich”, these are very negative ideas. They’re effectively negative affirmations that you’ll go on to accomplish, until you identify them, let them go and substitute them with a positive affirmation.

Our world is boundlessly abundant and we all merit our share of that abundance, all we have to do is be groomed to accept it. All the same the reality is that at a subconscious mind level many of us merely do not believe that we merit the prosperity that we seek.

This frequently manifests from other fundamental issues like low self-esteem, fright, guilt or any number of other negative beliefs. In order to accomplish real prosperity, it’s necessary to discover and release these fundamental negative beliefs.

Remember our outside reality mirrors our inner beliefs, how we think the world is for us becomes our truth. By altering your inner thinking you are able to change your outside reality.


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