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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Setting Creative Goals that Drive You to Take Action

Chapter 3: Stay Focused on Your Goals and Do One Thing at a Time

Chapter 4: Visualize your Success Every Day

Chapter 5: Power up Your Life with Affirmations

Chapter 6: Mastermind with Likeminded People

Chapter 7: Overcome Your Greatest Fears

Chapter 8: Reviewing your Goals Quarterly

Chapter 9: Always Follow your Passion

Wrapping Up

Rise Above Any Obstacle with Perseverance

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Chapter 7:

Overcome Your Greatest Fears


A hindrance to achieving your New Year’s resolutions is the fear that you might not succeed. And because fears are irrational, no matter what coaxing I do to make you believe that your fears are unfounded will not work. So we’ll just focus on overcoming those fears. Nothing is impossible, and if you believe you can overcome those fears then you can and you will. The thing is you will never really know if you can succeed in something or not, if you never try. The affirmations discussed before are great ways to overcome fears because they focus on positive energies instead of negative ones. But there are also other ways to overcome your fears.

First, you can ask for the help of a friend. They can help you talk about your fears and try to help you overcome them. If you also have the same New Year’s resolution, you can ask him or her to be your resolution buddy and you can help each other achieve your goals. With another person who believes you can do it, the fear will lessen and, you can bypass the fear and then go ahead with achieving your goals.


Second is to create structure. Having a New Year’s resolution means that you are aiming for change and this can be scary. You will have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve goals. If you make changes with your lifestyle, try to make these changes a habit. Do them at the same time of the day so that they can be incorporated in your daily life, and very soon the fear regarding these changes will be gone.

Third is to learn techniques that can help you relax when anxiety is setting in, and there are many methods to help with this. One very common relaxation technique is deep breathing exercises. It will help return your breathing return to normal and get more air to your brain. Yoga can also be a great help in relaxing.

Other relaxation techniques include: meditation, visualization, listening to relaxing music, Tai Chi, exercising, watching a nice movie, and many others. You can read about them in detail in the library or on the Internet. When you find out more about them, you can decide which one will suit you best.

Fourth is to try writing. You can make a diary of the progress you are making. Write in your notebook the things you did that were effective in helping you overcome your fears. And maybe in the future you can share these notes with the people who are also experiencing what you went through.

Fifth and final is to face your fears. This is the most effective way of overcoming fears. Once you face them, you will realize that sometimes there is really nothing to fear about them and, once you realize that, you will start to feel at ease with the changes in your life.

Once you have faced your fear and overcome it then it will be easier to proceed with your New Year’s resolution. The changes that you will gain will be worth all the trouble you went through to overcome your fears.

Chapter 8:

Reviewing your Goals Quarterly


Every three months you should check your progress card. Compare it to the goals you have written and see if you are right on track. Sometimes your card will show you that you may be behind schedule, but do not be discouraged. A few setbacks should not mean that you are going to fail; it will just mean that you might be delayed in seeing your final results.

Reviewing your goals will also ensure that you are doing something to reach your goals. When you evaluate your progress, in regards to your goals, you may see things that you do that do not work. That is one advantage of reviewing your goals; you can make changes to your methods when you see that they are not working. You can also do more of the things that you believe are working.

There are some questions you can use to evaluate your progress. This will include:

The Questions

First: Are you following the plan you made? When we first started discussion about sticking to your New Year’s resolutions all year round, the first thing that was mentioned was to make a plan. Now, on the review, you can ask yourself if you indeed are following your plan.

Second: How do you improve your plan? It was mentioned that you can make changes to your plans if some things are not working anymore. So how will you improve it now that you can see some are not working properly?

Third: Do you have another plan? Have you considered making a contingency plan just in case the original one did not work?

Fourth: Are the results on time? It was also mentioned that for a goal to be within reach, it has to be SMART; so is your goal within the allotted time? If it is not, then why do you think you are not on time? What are the things that are taking you too long to accomplish and what should you do about them?

Fifth: Are the plans on the right track? In this question, you are being asked if the plans you are putting into action are working to help you achieve your desired goals.

Sixth: What are the things that you are learning about yourself in the process? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself when you review your goals. If you find out that the current plan you are using is not working then you need to improve it or you can totally replace it.

It is very important that your progress is documented so that your quarterly review will be effective and efficient. You can just write in a notebook the things that you have accomplished; also you have to write the things you were not able to achieve so you can ponder on why it did not succeed.

All the things you are going through should be documented; even the things that you think are trivial. You might later realize that the small things are actually the ones making all the difference towards your success or failure.


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