Self Development Hints in Affirmation and Visualization E-book


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Self Development through Visualization and Affirmation – visualizing one’s self in the scene has helped many people over the years cultivate a positive mind. Through visualization, one can go anywhere mentally and use the enforcers by affirming what they want from life, to get there.

Affirmations are declarations that we can make that give us inner support. It is our way of asserting what we intend to do. Affirmations give us confirmations that verify our intentions through the statements that we make. It builds encouragement so that one can stand firm while working toward a better future.

When some people think of visualization, they start to develop this mental picture in their mind of someone that has a problem with fantasizing or hallucinating. Some people even think that visualizations are prophecies. Contrary to these beliefs, visualizations are mental images that we create, which influence our dreams and way of thinking.

Using our visualization and affirmatives, we can move toward a positive future while developing the inner self. Self-development starts in the womb, and carries forward throughout the course of one’s life. Throughout this phase, one learns, while gaining knowledge from experiences and events witnessed by the eye.

Some of the best ways to encourage visualization while promoting our knack to use affirmatives is through meditation or yoga. Meditation will assist you with putting your mind in a time where you can visualize the self in a scene whereas you believe you want to be. Through guided relaxation methods, it will become easier with each mental picture you develop, since you will start thinking positive. You need to develop positive thinking in order to benefit from affirmatives.

Development through Visualization and Affirmation

What, is it actually possible for someone to visualize and affirm while going from beginning to end of the self-development stages? Is it possible to work in the course of self-development by using visualizations and affirmations?

Yes, it is possible to use visuals and affirmatives to manipulate through self-development. Since, self-development is a long-drawn out process it is always nice to have our mental capacity and capabilities assisting us along the way.

Still, we need support and help from others. It is always nice to have friends that share similar qualities as yourself. It gives you inspiration, since you do not end of feeling as if you are in a huge world all by yourself. Having people around you with parallel interests, differences and characteristics is part of self-development. This is because influences reflect on how we cultivate our skills and abilities.

We also need set goals and plans to make our life much easier. Organization skills and other human developmental skills are also handy. We learn from the inner self. The inner self is our director, thus the man in charge that carries us through the self-development phase despite that we may slack in areas.


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