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Chapter 1: About Self Help Affirmations

Chapter 2: Self Help Quotes

Chapter 3: Self Help Affirmations

Chapter 4: Self Help Quotes In Specific Areas

Chapter 5: Conclusion

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An affirmation is something you say to yourself. Everybody uses them on purpose or accidentally. You get up in the morning, leap out of bed and proclaim, “I feel excellent”. That’s a positive affirmation. You drag yourself out of bed at first light and whine “I feel crappy”. That’s a negative affirmation. Both statements help to sustain the emotional state you’re in.

Our self-talk, the things we state to ourself, is really crucial as it directly affects our conscious and subconscious brain. We hear everything we say to ourself. Get all the info you need here.

Self Help Affirmations

The big book of affirmations from personal development authors

Chapter 1: About Self Help Affirmations


As our affirmations work so well to sustain the state of mind we’re in, we may utilize them to alter that state of brain. True, it calls for more work to alter how we think and feel, however, if you abide by these guidelines, the use of affirmations may become a solid, useful tool for helping yourself get to be happier and healthier.

Here are the fundamental rules of thumb for developing great affirmations: The Basics

The first rule of thumb is that the affirmation ought to be stated in the here and now. Begin with words like “I am … ” or “I have … “. You need to be telling your brain that it’s happening now.

Next, the affirmations ought to say that what you want is already achieved. “I’m happy now” is superior to and will work better than “I’m getting happy” or “I will be happy”.

The affirmations ought to be positive. ” I feel safe” works however the affirmation ” I’m not scared” does the reverse of what you wish. It centers your brain on the word “scared” and increases that feeling. It’s as though the word “not” wasn’t even there.


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