The Confidence Confidant E-book


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Basics to Building Confidence

Chapter 3:
How to Conquer Fear in Any Situation

Chapter 4:
The Art of Public Speaking

Chapter 5:
How to Fearlessly Approach People

Chapter 6:
Instant Confidence Boosters

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:



When you have high self-confidence, you are able to take risks and face new challenges with an open mind that you can achieve what your personal goals are.

You believe in yourself that you will succeed and that you can make things happen. This allows you to do things that will direct you reaching your dreams and being the person you want to become.

The Advantages

On the other hand, when you have low self-confidence, you are afraid of taking risks and this disables you to grab opportunities that will help you achieve things in your life. You are doubtful with your skills and capabilities and your mind is filled with negative thoughts.

Hence, even if you desire to be a better person in the future with a lot of achievements, you cannot take a step to reach that stage in your life. You are getting coward of realizing your visions.

Being highly confident and over confident are two different things you must know for you to be guided. High-confidence enables you do things right for your success. It will enhance your performance in whatever tasks you encounter. However, being too much confident will lead you to frustrations. Why? Because when you are too much confident, you neglect the simple things to prepare in pursuit of your success. You are thinking you can do everything, and when you are not able to do it, you will find yourself grieving too much for your loss.


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