The Service Oriented Upline E-book


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Upline And Leader Basics

Chapter 2:
Truly Understand What It Means To Be A Leader

Chapter 3:
Lead By Example- You Must Be A Success

Chapter 4:
Beef Up Your Communication Skills

Chapter 5:
Learn To Empower Others

Chapter 6:
Why It Is Crucial To Be A Great Team Leader

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Upline And Leader Basics


Here are some reasons why leaders and uplines are important.

The Basics

– Most people who start to get involved with network marketing do not understand what network marketing really does. Thus, they look up to upline and leaders to guide them in network marketing. Network marketing is based on helping others to achieve goals.

– Leaders motivate and bring a team together. Being cooperative and helping each other will bring better positive effects to the business. Without a leader it is like having a loose team with no motivation to be successful in business.

– Leaders help to pick up the pace of enlisting distributors. Different distributors will have different working attitudes and different ways of approaching business. For people who are new to network marketing, a leader is important as they are yet to understand how things work.


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