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When you create a new website or try to promote a new website, you are joining a huge throng of hundreds of millions of other websites and blogs that are all competing for attention.

In short – they are all competing for possibly the most important thing on the net – traffic.

Going out and trying to convince people to come visit your website can seem tedious and discouraging.

Advertising your products and services via pay per click or banner advertisingcan get very expensive and often doesn’t yield high quality results, yet until recently this was probably the most popular way of trying to get visitors to your website.

But now with the huge popularity of social networking sites, things have changed a little.

There is a better way.

Going on to extremely popular, high traffic websites and posting there, with a link back to your site, gets you in front of a huge audience and lets you borrow some of the traffic from that site.

One of the most popular, regularly visited sites today is YouTube.

According to, they are now averaging 73.5 million visitors a month. That’s a lot of visitors, even by astronomical internet standards.


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