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Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
The Importance Of Self Discipline
Chapter 3:
Make Sure You Understand Yourself And What You Want
Chapter 4:
Develop Conscious Awareness
Chapter 5:
Learn How To Commit
Wrapping Up
Understand That Discipline Takes Practice

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Chapter 3:

Make Sure You Understand Yourself And What You Want


The generations before us had a balance between delayed gratification and immediate rewards. Technology is working as a tool to make us habitual to the instant results and outcomes. A generation before us, people didn’t have all these things like phones and internet. They couldn’t just call someone and ask something, instead they had to write letters and wait days and even weeks for a simple reply. People had the ability to control their willpower and patience was easy to find in people and they also knew how to value the importance of hard work. Delayed gratification allowed them to cherish the important moments of life and how to reach to their goals.

Be Patient

Today the technology has ruined our ability to wait for something. We can’t wait for even 5 minutes to get a reply and it is just about impossible for us to imagine waiting a week for a reply. Some might say that we are now addicted to the social media platforms and the latest technology while the other say that we are now completely dependable to the new trends that these technologies give us. A Smartphone without internet access or Wi-Fi wouldn’t be that addicting and the same goes for Facebook without friends.

With this increased influence of technology we are always in a hurry. We do everything in a hurry and we do everything possible to get the things that we want quickly. We are getting addicted to the lifestyle offered by the technology advancements and social media. We check our Facebook account constantly to see if someone has posted something even though most of them are people we rarely talk to in real life. We look for people’s attention and validation while we know that the other people are looking for the same thing. We do it by means of uploading a picture or by posting a status while in reality nobody wants to share their life with you, they are just pretending that they are having a good time and post it to make others envy them and to make it worse, we are all falling for it.

It is one of the reasons why we live out life in a typical instant manner instead of planning for good things. Technology has made us believe that we can have an easy life and quick solutions to everything. We
have also replaced the grammar in our messages and now we write shortened messages because we are in need of instant replies.

Because of our practice of instant gratification we are rushing through the important things of life which we should have cherished and are delaying the things that we need the most. We make excuses to avoid the important things to enjoy the immediate pleasure.

With instant gratification, you get the reward too early. When you do so you are missing out on the part in which you motivate yourself to invest your time and efforts to gain something bigger in future. This can be compared to your e-mail account, where if you remain as a instant gratification practicing person you would check your e-mails constantly and therefore you will find yourself with “zero new rewards” most of the time. Someone who practices the delayed gratification would avoid this and that also gives him the feeling that he has the control over the things and doesn’t need to live the life in a hurry. The practice also gives you a safety financial cushion whenever there are new problems to handle, and you can take bigger risks based on this saving of yours. The key is to have many rewards waiting for you to be accepted and this is what gives you the confidence to achieve higher rewards. You can invest your rewards with increased efforts to gain a lot more at some later time.

In some way, you can understand the delayed gratification concept as an immediate gratification which you save and cherish for a later time to make more enjoyable and appropriate more. When you delay an available reward, you accept that you can work without this reward for now and you are going to save it for a later time when it’ll be more beneficial for you. You can notice around you that the most successful and respected people of society are the ones who practice delayed gratification and have many rewards stored for them in the near future.

Chapter 4:

Develop Conscious Awareness


If you think about it, delayed gratification is defiantly something we can’t learn naturally these days, and it looks like a thing from the old times. The new technologies around us are making us eager to get the things that we want right away. Things like credit cards, smart phones, e-mail, and internet is making our ability to wait for something weak.

Be Aware

The present technology makes us believe that waiting is outdated. We can buy anything now just with a click. Our thinking is completely changed and we now believe that we can get everything the very moment we want it. Strangely enough, even this concept has its disadvantages and risks. This habit reduces the ability of humans to wait for something and the willpower of a person.

The basic reason why most people don’t apply delayed gratification in their everyday life to achieve their goals is because the concept is based on the practice of self control, which requires ability to control the flow of ones willpower. But if you look at it closely, there are differences in concepts of self-control and delayed gratification. With delayed gratification you only control your will to deny some pleasure for a later time to increase the joy and happiness of getting it without any guilt while in the concept of self-control you control your willpower to learn to ignore a particular pleasure in life.

There are a number of advantages in practicing the concepts of delayed gratification and it has the ability to make some great positive impacts on your career and life. If you came to know how important and useful it is, the chances are that you are going to give efforts and time practicing this to get the benefits you get from it.

There is a beauty with the pleasure attached with delayed gratification that is incredibly hard to put in words. The thing that you always wanted and waited for so long gives you much more happiness than you could’ve received by getting it instantly. The anticipation and the efforts that you make to get it gives you the joy you have earned from doing it for yourself. You always enjoy hanging out with friends more when there is no pending work to get back to. The experience that we get from all the waiting and anticipation makes the entire event more enjoyable and memorable than you could ever dream of.

In time, you get more joy from delayed gratification than the instant rewards that you could have received. It just doesn’t look like it in the beginning since most people are not really looking towards the big picture and the bright future. The practice of this concept gives you great benefits in all aspects of life and allows you to achieve great success with your goals.

What instant gratification tells us?

Even though instant gratification is practiced by most people, it has its number of disadvantages. First of all, it allows us to believe that we don’t need to work hard in order to achieve what we want and it also takes our mind off the things that are important for us and as a result we don’t value these things.

Let’s make this concept clear with a very common example of Gambling-

Gambling is one of the greatest examples of instant gratification. You pick some cards, you bet some money and after a roll of some dice you win a bunch of money.

Sometimes people do win big money in gambling, but as you can see, they are very likely to use the same money to gamble again. We all know what happens at the end of game. They walk home either with little money or loose more than they won. Why? Because there was no hard work behind the winning and the person value the money enough and used it to continue to gamble.

Now imagine someone who is saving money for a particular thing or a lifelong dream. Do you think anyone who is saving money would give this less importance to money? No, they would spend their money carefully according to a plan and would pay great attention to how they are using the money because they gave their time and efforts to save this money and delayed their urge to buy something immediately to make sure they use it wisely.

People who practice instant gratification make a theory that high rewards can be earned with little amount of work. And this is the thought that keeps them from achieving greater rewards. This thought has high impact on practicing people their entire life.

Eating junk food instead of cooking healthy food for you results in increased probability of heart diseases and diabetes. If you just complete the assigned work with no quality at work to get the month’s salary, then you can have it but you also miss the chance to gain some recognition and possible promotions or salary raises.

While on the other hand, people who practice delayed gratification knows the value of hard work and high rewards. And if you compare the similar life styles again, you can see that they will choose to cook healthy meals for themselves instead of just eating out every day at some fast food joint to keep them healthy. People who practice delayed gratification would work hard at their jobs to get higher paychecks and possible promotions.

With delaying the rewards you also learn to learn to value the outcome of the wait since you have made so many efforts for it and you have waited for so long for it. That is why you know the result should be worth all this wait and efforts.

For example, imagine a kid who bought a new phone from his own savings and another kid who got the same phone from his parents. The first kid will make sure to take good care of his phone while the second kid doesn’t care at all. Now we can easily assume who is going to take better care of his phone.

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