5 Self Improvement Tips You Need to Try to Live Your Best Life

According to a recent study, a shockingly sad 85% of people say they suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

To make matters worse, only one out of every three Americans say they’re currently happy with where they are in life.

Worldwide, only 13% of people say they’re enthusiastic about going to work everyday. 


These statistics all point to one thing: most people seem at least somewhat unsatisfied with their lives.

Are you one of them?

If so, you need to read this post. We’ve collected 5 of the top self improvement tips you need to try to start seeing your life — and yourself — in a better light.


1. Read Self Improvement Books

Reading books broadens the mind. It also allows you to learn from the stories of others who may have faced the same challenges as you — and came out on the other side.


2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s natural to want to see how you stack up in comparison to those around you. Social media has made it easier than ever.

It’s so simple to get stuck in a cycle of self-loathing, anxiety, and jealousy when compare where you are in life to your friends of family members.

Doing this will only hold you back. Remember, no matter how it might look on Facebook, these people also have their own challenges.

Plus, everyone has their own set of circumstances that influence the choices they make.

Our best advice? Log off, and celebrate your own accomplishments.


3. Ask Yourself This One Question Every Day

Many of us set lofty goals for ourselves — and we want to achieve them quickly.

However, get realistic about your pacing, and the actual attainability of these goals.

Before you fall asleep every night, ask yourself this question:

“What is one thing I did today that got me a step closer to my goals?”

This way, you’ll be able to clearly see that, even if all your dreams didn’t come true overnight, you’re well on your way to making them happen.


4. Give Back

Many of us struggle with a sense of self-worth. However, very few of us realize just how important we are to so many around us.

One way to start understanding how much you matter is by giving back.

Get involved in local volunteer work. Assist in taking care of your community garden, or volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

Even donate some of your own clothing to a shelter, or office your design services to a nonprofit.

This will help you to see the value in your life, and you’ll understand that even small actions can make a big difference.


5. Remember: You Deserve Success

Many people wrongly feel that the reason they aren’t successful is because they don’t deserve to be.

Stop beating yourself up over past choices and wishing you’d done things differently. You know in your heart that you’re just as worthy of success as every else.

Changing your mindset — and even repeating positive mantras to yourself in the mirror — will boost your self-confidence.


Use These Self Improvement Tips To Boost Your Self-Worth

We hope these five self improvement tips have reminded you about the importance of self-care.

No matter where you are in life, it’s always important to check in with yourself. Taking some time to focus on you is far from selfish — in fact, it can help you be more productive and more empathetic to the people around you.

Looking for more tips on how to improve your life? Check out our website for more helpful articles.

Make today the day you start moving forward.

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Mood Boosters to Try When You Are Feeling Down

Sadness is a natural emotion that, believe it or not, can help you over time. But that doesn’t exactly help in the meantime.

When you are feeling down, the only thing you want to do is feel better. And though that’s sometimes easier said than done, we’ve compiled some of our favorite mood-lifting tips to help you overcome your bad day.

Keep reading for more!


Get Introspective

To overcome your feelings, you’ll first need to understand why you feel the way you do. It’s time to put on your social scientist hat and take an objective look at your emotions.

Start by asking yourself what, specifically, you’re feeling. What does ‘feeling down’ mean in this respect?

Are you sad? Feeling lost and stuck? Maybe you’re feeling angry or slighted.

Once you’ve identified the emotion in question, take a step back and think about what changes could improve the situation. What would get you loving life again?

Next, it’s time to act. Think about what’s in your control and what you can do to improve your emotional well-being.


Spend Time Around Animals

There’s evidence to suggest that we need our favorite four-legged friends every bit as much as they need us. Pets provide companionship, motivation, socialization, and can relieve stress.

If you don’t have a pet, don’t worry, your local shelter is always looking for volunteers. You can still get all the benefits of spending time with an animal while also making a difference in your community.


Take a Walk

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of your stress and sadness is to get up and get moving. Exercise releases endorphins, which are a key chemical in regulating feelings like joy and excitement.

Snag your phone, some headphones, a comfy pair of shoes, and get to walking. By the time you’re done, we promise you’ll feel a bit better.


Start a Gratitude Journal

Admittedly, it isn’t always easy to focus on the positive when you’re having a rough day. But sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself when everything’s going wrong is to look at what’s going right.

Take a deep breath, grab some paper, your favorite beverage, and find a quiet place to relax for a few moments.

Once you’re settled, think about all the things in life you’re thankful for and write them down. You don’t even have to write in full sentences — bullet points are just as good.

Research shows that practicing gratitude on a regular basis can positively impact on mood, as it’s a cathartic experience. A few minutes of thankfulness could turn into a whole day of positivity!


How to Lift Yourself Up…Even When You Are Feeling Down

When you are feeling down, it can sometimes feel as though things won’t ever improve. But don’t worry, brighter days are just around the corner. Give these suggestions a shot and let us know what works for you.

Looking for more info to help get you through the tough times? Keep reading our blog.

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